ChatGPT Plus – Turbo mode!

Summary of below blogpost by Turbo –
The author of this text writes about their experience with ChatGPT and its premium version, Turbo. They discuss the differences between the various models available on Azure OpenAI and mention that they have found the speed of Turbo to be much faster than the standard version. The author also highlights how ChatGPT has become an indispensable tool for them in their daily life for tasks such as summarizing large texts, learning new things, and translating texts. They also recommend using the Chrome voice control extension for an even more convenient experience. In conclusion, the author encourages businesses to invest in OpenAI chatgpt services as they believe that AI will play a crucial role in the future.

ChatGPT has had issues with accessibility. No figure, given the mindblowing 100 millions users after 2 months.

But fear not, salvation is here! I acquired my premium account with Chatgpt for a measly 25 USD per month. This gives me access to faster response and more uptime (hopefully).

Now what is truly the difference? Well….let us ask ChatGPT Turbo 🙂

First attempt…ouch! Are there already 100 Million premium users?

My first attempt of asking Turbo was a failure. I think that this is intermitten given that Turbo is just out and I would think everyone is testing at once.

My second attempt was more fruitful.

This statement from Turbo I believe is simply not true?! But nevertheless we can see some differences in the url used to access turbo.

As we are aware, there are multiple models. Let us briefly have a look at which models we can easily access and the differences.

In your Azure OpenAI we have access to the following models when we want to build AI induced applications.

We can also get some more information either in OpenAI official documentation or in Microsoft Docs.

Regardless of the models used in which version – I can already now say the speed is many folds in comparison to the standard, but I have no actual proof it is providing more nuanced responses. From what I see using the standard chat page – I can’t adjust any parameters. Which I have not as of yet needed. I simply ask ChatGPT to adjust its answer according to temperature and max tokens, where the temperature is creativity, and max tokens is the length of the response from chatgpt.

I have in addition to the standard page built my own apps to access the various OpenAI API’s but as of now my default homepage is, and this is where I go 9 times out of 10.

ChatGPT has become my number-one place for the following daily tasks;

  • Summarize large texts.
    I simply don’t always have the time to read long texts. I use summaries to help me get information quickly or as a teaser to actually prioritize time to read the text in its entirety.
  • Learn new things
    Getting responses and teaching me in a dialogue fashion instead of learning texts from standard documentation has helped me greatly. Oftentimes I learn new things by first trying to grasp the holistic essence of a concept before I spend more time drilling down into the details.
  • Text translations
    I work with multiple languages daily and documenting and understanding text is important. My go-to language is English for documentation, but I do document in other languages every now and then, and the translation of longer texts with GPT3.5-based models has in my experience proven vastly superior over Google.

Another tip from me is to use the chrome voice control extension. It supports many languages. It allows me to talk to chatgpt without using my keyboard. This has proven very helpful and raised some eyebrows on the train to work!

My recommendation to all businesses out there who care to power up their colleagues – is to allow the cost of OpenAI chatgpt plus services to become deductible. It has been said before and let us say it again – AI will not replace you in the near future, but the people who use it will!

Happy ChatGPTying

Disclaimer: This blogpost was partially written by TURBO!

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