A morning like any other morning!

Waking up at 6.17 AM was not by accident. My personAId Xris (pronounced Chris) awoke me at the end of my rem cycle, knowing that I would still have enough time for my obligations this regular Tuesday.

I frown briefly thinking of the nanosec pricing for the publicly accessible quantum computing services. Gathering daily insights from my 17 petabytes of demeanor data (all my past data interactions) costs about 3,23 nanosecs. Xris requires these ongoing data analytics to have the insights needed to act as my assistant and business partner.

Tuesday has physical exercise first on the agenda. I put my AR glasses on and start running down the familiar island trail. Conversations from ongoing projects are hovering transparently and steadily in front of my field of vision. I whisper commands (voice commands only audible to Xris) to give me the necessary updates.

I get a call while listening to Xris highlighting the sentiments from today’s conversations and essential excerpts. The priority call from my manager is allowed directly to me without being greeted by my conversational bot. I have been running for 20 minutes, so Xris modulates my voice to disguise the shortness of breath.

I’m asked to join an urgent meeting to discuss some last-minute project changes. I realized 5 minutes into the meeting that I was merely there as a listener and did not have any input to share, so I switched to bot-mode despite company policy. The steady increase of non-physical meeting participation using bots as stand-ins has encouraged many enterprises to enforce meeting ethics disallowing unannounced botmodes.

In bot-mode, Xris can track conversation and sentiments to foresee possible required participation on my part. I would get an early warning and a recap before rejoining the meeting. Instead, I get into the shower listening to the last episode of my favorite podcast.

This might all sound like sci-fi, but all technology envisioned in previous paragraphs, are in fact, very much a reality. But not yet part of mainstream applications.

My ambition was to get you thinking about the art of possible. The only way for this to ever become applications sought after is by implementing them into our next project and it all starts in your mind.

You don’t need to be a large enterprise to utilize the latest conversational intelligence IVR solutions from #Nuance with your #Dynamics365 Customer Service application. Nor does it require a hundred plus customer service agent organizations to reach break-even enabling virtual assistants.

We might not get Xris today, but we do get an experience that will allow organizations to spend their money on development saved from the reduced handling costs covered by the self-services that virtual assistants provide.

For all geeks out there like me, check out Microsoft’s development framework investing in supporting virtual assistants in your environments. Why not make your next customer experience project, whether internal or customer-facing – include a virtual assistant in the teams channel answering all those reoccurring queries?



Hoping to see many examples and ideas in the upcoming #MicrosoftBuild

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